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Thursday, September 6, 2018

A story about my little guy Ben and classes start next week! Register now!

I had my first child in June 2017.  I've always been a homebody- an introvert in an extroverts body.  On my free time, I like to just hang at home with my family and take things slow.  When I'm working or out in public, I LOVE talking to people and sharing my passion. 

This past summer was hard on my family and depleted a lot of my energy.  What I love about the changing of seasons in New England is that it's a great time to reset ourselves and start new.  I did notice however, that this summer that I wasn't taking my almost 15 month old son out and about as much as I probably should have.  I'm a former educator and a certified baby and toddler yoga teacher, I know how important every day is for these babies in their growth and learning.

With the fall season coming, I was determined to push myself to do things outside of work and I enrolled my son in a a music and movement class at the Nashua YMCA.  He LOVED it!  What we did in class is very similar to what I teach in my Baby & Toddler yoga classes.  I don't bring my son to my classes though unless my husband is there to watch him.  He's too busy and my goal is to be 100% present for the students in my classes.  I also realized how important it is to have 30-60 min of time carved out of your day for only your child.  The interactions and experiences he is getting from being with other children is so important as well!

My new experiences as a mom just solidifies my decision to move into a career of teaching Kids, Families, and Adults with all abilities yoga & mindfulness.

That being said, there are 3 different series being offered starting next week!  There is still spots available and time to register!  

Class 1

Title (what): Baby & Me: Yoga & Mindfulness (6 weeks- Crawling w/ caregiver).
Description: Baby & Me Yoga & Mindfulness is 60 minutes dedicated to your baby and yourself. Unlike Postnatal Yoga, this class is aimed more for the baby’s benefit. You will learn different movements and songs that may assist your baby in their developmental milestones (tummy time, relieving gas, strengthen muscles, developing language). Learn tools for your caregiver toolbox to use at home during the week while taking time to be present with your child. Gentle stretching & Mindfulness activities for the parent will also be included as well as group discussions to help get to know and learn from other caregivers.
Time & Dates: Session A. 10:00 am- 11:00 am. Six weeks starting Monday 9/10 (9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, (no class 10/15) & 10/22).
Investment: $96.00
Location (where): Inner Lotus Haven. 3 Crosby Ln (lower level). Londonderry, NH 03053.
FAQ: Wear comfortable clothing for sitting on the floor. Please bring a yoga mat (there is a limited amount available if needed), a baby blanket or two to support your baby on your mat, and a motivating small toy to use during certain activities.

Class 2

Title (what): Little Movers Yoga & & Mindfulness (standing/moving- 24 months w/ caregiver)
Description: Toddler Yoga is 60 minutes of songs, games, movement, and regulated breathing that encourages language development, body awareness, gross and fine motor skills, strength, balance, socialization, connection, and bonding with their caregiver. This class does not look like a “regular” yoga class, but you may see a few traditional yoga poses during class. The lessons taught will give a range of options to assist every child at their own developmental stage. Within those 60 minutes, time will be given for parents/caregivers to connect to others in the community and practice Mindfulness activities to strengthen your awareness and bring a stillness to your day.
Time & Dates: Session A. 11:15 am- 12:15 pm. Six weeks starting Monday 9/10 (9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, (no class 10/15) & 10/22).
Investment: $96.00
Location (where): Inner Lotus Haven. 3 Crosby Ln (lower level). Londonderry, NH 03053.

Class 3

Title (what): Kids Yoga & Mindfulness (ages 5-10).
Description: Yoga for Kids encourages children to explore their natural abilities in an active, safe, and fun way that honors the diversity of each students’ flexibility and strength. This is a fun, playful class where kids can move energy through their bodies and bring calm into their minds. We are all born natural yogis. The younger we are, the more pliable and flexible our muscles and joints are.
Time & Dates: Six Wednesday’s starting Sept 12, 2018 to Oct 17, 2018, 5:00-6:00 pm.
Investment: $75.00 per child ($70.00 for each additional sibling)
Registration: or in person at 6 Village Green, Pelham, NH.
Location (where): Hobbs Community Center (Senior Center) 8 Nashua Road, Pelham, NH
FAQ: No experience necessary; bring a yoga mat and water bottle.
Size of groups is limited; first come, first serve. Pre-Registration required.

Monday, August 13, 2018

2018 Fall Yoga Series, Pop Up Classes, & Regular scheduled Drop in Classes.

 Please check out my Yoga Facebook page Lauren Young Yoga for detailed information and links to registration, or e-mail me at:

Such a busy fall coming up! The image below has most of my classes listed. There are my regular classes at the YMCA of Greater Nashua, a pop up donation based Yoga in the Park class called Family Flow at Benson Park - Hudson, NH, and Baby & Toddler Yoga series being offered at two different locations B.Well Studios, LLC & Inner Lotus Haven for Mind, Body, and Spirit!

I didn't even get to create any information about my Pelham Parks & Recreation, but the information will be out soon (it will still be Wednesdays at the Pelham Senior Center- we are trying to determine times). This year I'm offering T(w)een Yoga & Mindfulness for ages 11-16 and Kids Yoga & Mindfulness for ages 5-10. 

I've have pop up Family Yoga & Family Flow classes and in October I'll be starting an Adaptive Yoga & Mindfulness series & a Tween Yoga Series (ages 8-12) at BWell Studios in Merrimack, NH.
I'll be available for private classes in studios or at your home, as well as birthday parties and school & work events.

I'm super excited to offer all of these programs, but am a bit slow on getting all the information out. If you're interested in any of these classes and I don't have the details posted yet, please message me and I'll get you the information! This is taking way longer with a 1 year old than it did before I was a mama! I wouldn't change anything though!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Some Fall Class Offerings from Lauren Young Yoga!

Schedule Updates!

1) The Greater Nashua YMCA is near & dear to my heart. Did you know I attended Leaders Club at age 15 at the old Nashua location? Once I became old enough for a job, I started there as a Schools Out program counselor at 16! I worked at the Schools Out program through high school and left for college. I soon returned to finish collage locally, and started working back at the Schools out program. Now about 21 years later, I'm back at the Nashua YMCA (the new building is beautiful) as a Yoga Instructor for Adults, and Families (with a love for teaching Kids Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Gentle Yoga). With all of that being said... Adult Yoga on Mondays from 6:30-7:25 pm will continue (I also have some amazing news for my regular students- will be be upstairs in Studio C! No more competing music with the dance classes next door! I will also still be teaching Family Yoga (not sure the studio yet) on Sundays at 10:30-11:25 am. I believe that schedule starts 8/24, but I'll make sure to double check as the date gets closer.

2) I'm waiting on one more venue, with hopefully two more classes that will be offered (Pelham Parks & Recreation- Kids Yoga & Mindfulness (ages 5-10) & T(w)een Yoga & Mindfulness (ages 11-15), but until then- I'm sooooo excited to share with you SIX new classes being offered this fall!

3) There will also be Family Yoga & Family Flow Pop Up classes scheduled throughout the months to come, so be on the look out for those classes!

I have been working with a beautiful Dance & Wellness studio in Merrimack, NH called BWell Studios, LLC. They have a big space with a waiting area and access to lots of yoga props!
May I present- information on the first NEW classes being offered for the fall!

Lauren Young Yoga 2018 Calendar:
Baby & Me + Little Movers Yoga
Located at: BWell Studios, 416 Daniel Webster Hwy V
(around back), Merrimack, NH 03054
Register online at: BWell Studios

Not available Tuesday or closer to Londonderry, NH? Don't worry- I have you covered!
The descriptions listed above, are the same for the following classes.

Lauren Young Yoga 2018 Calendar: Baby & Me + Little Movers Yoga
Located at: Inner Lotus Haven, 3 Crosby Lane, Lower Level, Londonderry, NH 03053
Registration online at:TBD **will update as soon as I have payment processing set up*

These classes are offered a little bit later and are only a Four week series, unlike the rest (due to scheduling and holidays). Sunday is a wonderful day for yoga in Merrimack, NH!

Lauren Young Yoga 2018 Calendar:
Baby & Me + Little Movers Yoga
Located at: BWell Studios, 416 Daniel Webster Hwy V
(around back), Merrimack, NH 03054
Register online at: BWell Studios

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Final touches are being made to Lauren Young Yoga's 2018 Fall schedule! I can't wait to see some familiar faces soon!

Hopefully your yoga mat has been getting some use this summer!  If you've been too busy traveling or swimming, don't worry.  Yoga is coming back this Fall with more classes to choose from than ever before!

We are expanding to bring Yoga & Mindfulness for all ages and abilities to the following towns this fall: Nashua, NH, Merrimack, NH, Londonderry, NH, and Pelham, NH!

The variety of classes being offered is what I've been waiting to bring to this community!  I can't wait to share the completed schedule & locations with you, but for now- take a peek at the classes!
  • Baby & Me Yoga and Mindfulness (6 weeks old through crawling & their caregiver).
  • Toddler Yoga & Mindfulness (Moving through 24 months & their caregiver).
  • Kids Yoga & Mindfulness (ages 5-10 years old).
  • Tween Yoga & Mindfulness (ages 8-12 years old).
  • T(w)EEN Yoga & Mindfulness (ages 11-16 years old).
  • Family Yoga (all ages, lessons created for 3-7 year old & their caregiver).
  • Family Flow (ages 6+ that wants to practice adult yoga & their caregiver).
  • Adapted Yoga (teens & adults who want a practice adapted and accessible to their needs).
  • Adult Yoga (at the Nashua YMCA- ages 13+, Hatha styled yoga with emphasis on the breath and a focus on staying grounded in our body and mind).

Friday, June 1, 2018

Lauren's Summer Yoga Teaching Plans & Schedule

When deciding to teach yoga, I knew that my first priority would be my family (If I was fortunate enough to finally have a child).  Last summer I had my beautiful little boy Benjamin.  I spent the summer recovering from my cesarean section and figuring out how to care for a newborn!  This summer my little one will be 1!  He's changing every day and learning so much! 

I decided to cut back on my scheduled classes this summer so I can spend time with this little love. I also plan to revamp my Kids Yoga, 6 week series program to include more Mindfulness.  If I have time, I'd love to put together a few yoga workshops that I can hopefully offer in the fall/winter of this year!

  • My Kids Yoga series through Pelham Parks & Recreation ends this coming Wednesday 6/6/16!  I'll start back up with new and improved lessons after school has begun!
  • Family Yoga at the Nashua YMCA will run until 6/24/18 and I will return back after the summer session ends!
  •  I will still be teaching my Adult Yoga Monday night class at 6:30 pm at the Nashua YMCA as well as substitute teaching yoga at the Nashua YMCA and Banyan Tree Yoga in Nashua. 
  • I will be available for Private Yoga sessions or Birthday Parties that you can schedule with me directly.  
  •  I will hopefully also offer some Kids/Family Yoga Pop Up classes at times throughout the summer months.   
  • I will continue to be available to teach specialty classes such as: Meditation for LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, Relaxation for Smoking Cessation Programs, and Yoga & Mindfulness classes for Summer Schools & Camps. 
Enjoy your summer!  Please reach out with any questions at: 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Benefits of Baby & Toddler Yoga

I completed my Baby & Toddler Yoga Teacher training program through ChildLight Yoga in April 2017.  I was a little over 7 months pregnant, but still able to move and absorb all that was taught!

For those of you that don't know- I took my first Child Yoga Teacher Training through ChildLight Yoga in January 2016 and fell in love!  I knew this is what I wanted to do going forward- teach kids and special populations yoga! ChildLight Yoga is a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance and they have a Registered Child Yoga Teacher (RCYT-95 hours) program.  In order to get the recognition of a RCYT-95, you first needed to become or have already been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200 hours).  I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program through Yoga NH in December 2016- almost one year from the time I wanted to become a Kids Yoga Teacher!

So long story longer- in order to be eligible for the RCYT-95 hour program, you have to complete a written exam and teach multiple community classes (with evaluations completed by attendees) for the area of the course you've taken.  I'm FINALLY teaching my Baby & Toddler Yoga community classes tomorrow! I'm so excited to teach these classes to my community and share my love of Baby and Toddler Yoga!

I wanted to share the Benefits of Baby & Toddler Yoga from the manual from ChildLight Yoga to my group tomorrow!  I figured- why not share the love and maybe get another family excited about the benefits of Baby & Toddler yoga!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Kids & Family Yoga Playlist on Spotify

Do you use Spotify? This is the Family Yoga playlist I use in a lot of my Family and Kids Yoga (with the younger group) classes!  I don't usually play the songs back to back, but skip around depending on what is needed from my lesson plan!

If you've been to one of my classes before, I bet you'll recognize a few of these!