Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Where has Lauren been lately (and new schedule)?

On June 12, 2017 something amazing and life changing happened!  I gave birth to my first child!  His name is Benjamin and was a big 9 lbs 7 oz and 22 1/2 inches long!  This being my first child, I thought I would have no problem to returning back to teach Yoga shortly after he was born.  Boy was I wrong!  My body was not quite the same after carrying him, having a c- section, and carrying around a big baby!

I taught my first Family Yoga Class at the Farmers Market in Nashua, NH in September.  Shortly after that was my first official Family Yoga class since leaving for maternity leave.  I took some time off to focus on my own mind and body and have been attending Mommy & Me yoga with Benjamin!  We are both feeling great and ready to start teaching again!

Below you will find my October schedule along with a Flyer to a Kids Yoga series that I will be teaching in Pelham, NH starting 11/8/17!  I will be returning to the Nashua YMCA to teach Family Yoga in January!  I'll also be assisting them with programing for an Adult program for individuals with Autism and assist in teaching some of those classes!  I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things again. Always reach out to me with any questions!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Updated Schedule on the blog!

Please visit my "Schedule of Kids Classes & Contact Information" page for an updated schedule!

This Winter/Spring I'll be teaching at several amazing places!  Here is a hint!

You can always check out my Facebook page for the most current information Lauren Young Yoga on Facebook!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Summer is over? Already? Time for Fall!

I have not been very active on this blog (that includes updating my schedule).  Please visit my Business Page for Facebook: Lauren Young Yoga for up to date information!  I post regularly over there.  You an also find a link to that Facebook page to the right of your screen!

Last week finished the Nashua YMCA's summer schedule.  What a wonderful summer it was with all of my little yogi and yoginis!

I enjoyed teaching kids & family yoga at the Rodgers Memorial Library!  I was able to teach two classes a few times over the summer.  The first class was aimed towards kids 3-6 years old and the second for kids 7-12 years old.  I had such a blast!

Lastly, I taught 3 Family Yoga classes at Banyan Tree Yoga!  For those of you who do not know, this is the Yoga studio that I fell in love with in the Nashua area.  I'm currently half way through my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) for adults!  We also have Kids Yoga scheduled as a specialty class randomly through out the year.  Please keep checking my schedule for updates! 

This summer I took two courses at ChildLight Yoga in Dover, NH to become certified in: Tween & Teen Yoga and Teens and Adults with Special Needs!  I am so excited to be able to teach these populations!  Keep on the look out for some new classes to be scheduled!

I'm over half way through my courses to become a Registered Child Yoga Teacher (RYT-95)!  The requirement is to become a RYT-200 and finish 95 hours of Child/Teen related yoga programs.  I will be attending the certification course in November to learn how to teach babies and toddlers yoga and my last course will be the Advanced Child Yoga course! 

This new career path has meshed so well with my previous career.  I am the happiest that I've been and so excited to share Yoga with so many different children, teens, adults, families, and other special populations!


Starting Thursday, 9/1/16, I'll be teaching a Kids Yoga class at the Nashua YMCA for their fall schedule.  No registration required.  Must be a YMCA member.  Child must be in 2nd grade or ages 7-12 years old.  Class is every Thursday from 4:30-5:25 pm in Studio B.  I hope to see you there!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

What is better than Yoga AND your local public library? Nothing!

Residents of Hudson, NH and members of George H. and Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library!

Lauren Young Yoga will be teaching a few FREE classes this summer as part of the Children's Summer Program at Rodgers Memorial Library Children's Room! Registration is required and opens on Monday 6/13/16. You can register online or in person!

Free Yoga Summer Schedule:

Monday July 11, 2016:
9:30-10:15 am: 3-6 year old, Kids Yoga
10:30-11:30 am: 7-11 year old, Kids Yoga

Monday August 1, 2016:
9:30-10:15 am: 3-6 year old, Kids Yoga
10:30-11:30 am: 7-11 year old, Kids Yoga

Monday August 15, 2016:
9:30-10:30 am- Connect & Bond, Kids ages 7-11 and an Adult or 2,
Family Yoga.


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

STEAM club and Low Self Esteem in Pre Teen Boys & Girls.

Last night I was lucky enough to be a Special Guest for my local Library's STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Club for children 9-13 years old.  I presented information on the Brain and nervous system and how stress affects both of those systems.

I shared information from a Peer Reviewed Journal that stated Yoga affects both of those systems and in tern, decreases stress in Children (teens and adults). 

After presenting the information, I told the kids that we would be learning about and practicing yoga.  The first thing I heard by a girl in 4th grade was, "I'm so bad at yoga, I can't do it!"  I asked her if it was okay to share with the group what she said (she said it quietly, so I'm not sure they all heard her).  She said it was okay.  I repeated what she said and told the kids that this is something I actually hear a lot.  What the girl was referencing wasn't Yoga so much, but was Asanas- which is just one part of Yoga.  It's when we make shapes with our bodies.  I then explained the other parts of yoga that we will practice. 

The different elements of Yoga that I was speaking of are:
  • Asanas- various poses of the physical body
  • Pranayama- various regulated breathing techniques
  • Mudra- various hand gestures
  • Meditation/Visualization- Learning to be still and relax, visualize something as if you are watching a movie in your head
I started the lesson by explaining mudras.  I let the kids know that there is no documented origin of mudras, but all cultures have practiced them for as long as we know.  Some examples of mudras that we use every day are: clapping, waving, thumbs up, okay symbol, and shaking hands.  I taught them two mudras that are used to decrease stress. 

We then moved onto regulated breathing.  The kids were taught four different breaths that they can use to calm themselves and decrease stress.  We talked about which breath has the best effect and that not all breaths work the same for everyone- so choose which one works the best for you.

For asana work, we used pose cards and each taught each other the different poses.  I kept an eye on the girl who said she couldn't do Yoga, and she tried every single pose!  We later moved onto partner poses and ended in a visualization activity.

After our group Yoga class, the STEAM club went back to the children's room to work on a craft.  I made my rounds to the different tables and asked each group what they though of the Yoga class. The little girl who "couldn't do yoga" was so excited.  She couldn't wait to show her aunt and her friends mom the partner poses we learned.  One 7th grade boy connected some of the poses to one of his gymnastic classes.


I wasn't surprised at all, but it's still portrayed as something girls do.  One of the boys- around 11 or 12 years old said to me, "I'm really surprised how well I did.  I didn't think I would be able to do it because I'm not flexible, because I'm so fat."  My heart sank!  This awesome little kit, who was by no means "fat" probably would have never tried Yoga because of his negative body image.  I told him that he wasn't fat and he was like, yeah yeah... I know I am.  I told him that Yoga is for everybody and even if you aren't "great" at a certain pose, you practice and get better at it every day.

It sort of broke my heart hearing that he thought he was fat and therefor wouldn't be good at something.  This is another reason why I want to spread Yoga to all children.  It builds confidence and positive self image- who doesn't need that?  Children as such a tender age need it the most!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Family Yoga at the Lake- Private Session

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting a friend and her two girls (ages 8 & 9) at their new Lake House in New Hampshire.  The girls haven't practice Yoga before and we thought it would be fun to practice outside in front of the beautiful lake! 

It was a bit of an informal session.  We went over the breath work while sitting around the kitchen table in side.  It was interesting because right before I got there, the little one was having a rough day and having a bit of a meltdown.  We went over the different breaths for when you are angry, need to settle down from having too much energy, and are sad and need to refocus yourself.  After teaching and practicing the breaths, I checked in to see how they were feeling.  The oldest flopped down on the floor with her eyes closed in a relaxed slump.  I told her, "that's exactly what it's supposed to make you feel like!"  Then I told them how I felt (after practicing and modeling with them), "my shoulders are really light and I feel a bit sleepy.  I could probably lay down right now and feel completely calm."

After practicing breath-work, songs, and showing my magic mist (lavender essential oil and water)- we were off to the backyard to practice asanas.

It feels so great to see children be patient and listen to the directions.  They try the pose and if they do it, there is so much excitement and feelings of accomplishment.  If they don't do the pose right away, they keep trying! I take the time to model and show them step by step the set up and how the pose is supposed to feel with some gentle adjustments.

If you look close at the photos, you can see the girls looking at me to make sure they are hearing the directions correctly.  They are also looking at each other and it's pushing them to work together!  I loved every minute of this session!